My name is Brad Oliver and welcome to my web site devoted to documenting the construction of my Van's Aircraft RV-7. What is an RV-7 and why am I building one? A Van's RV-7 is a 2-place aluminum kitplane, capable of 200+mph cruise speeds, and take-off distances less than 500 ft. In short, it has awesome performance, and should provide many years of flying enjoyment. I am building one simply because it has always been a dream of mine to build my own airplane.

I created this web site so that you, my friends, family, fellow builders, aviation enthusiasts and anyone else in cyberspace that stumbles upon it, can see a little bit about what it is like to build your own airplane. This web site will also serve the important task of chronicling the construction of the aircraft, sometimes called a construction log, so that I can prove to the FAA that I am the builder.

Please look around, you will find a lot of information about me, the RV-7, and my airplane building adventures. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the link to the left.

If you are an RV builder, as you browse the pages of this site keep in mind that the methods, tools and practices I have utilized during the construction process have worked for me, and I am in no way endorsing or representing my way of doing things as the correct way. This is my first airplane construction project, so take what you read with a grain of salt. Good luck!

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Project Hours
As of 03.17.11

Project News (Links)
03.17.11 - PROJECT SOLD
02.14.11 - Project Update
05.16.10 - Andair Pump Install
05.12.10 - Web Site Changes
05.09.10 - Andair Pump Install
05.08.10 - Center Cabin Cover
05.03.10 - Seat Backs Complete
05.02.10 - Seat Backs Day 4
05.01.10 - Seat Backs Day 3
04.25.10 - Seat Backs Day 2
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