<April 24, 2010>

Seat Backs - Day 1

Back at the seats. They don’t look like much, but there is a lot of measuring and drilling to be done.

First I put the notches in the ends of the other three F-637B Angles.

I then measured and marked the hole locations on the edge of the F-637A Seat Back Skin, and with one of the Angles aligned (with the top of the skin) I transferred those measurements to the angle.

Using a #40 bit in my drill press I drilled one Angle with the prescribed holes. Note, the third hole from the top gets set inboard an extra 1/16”.

With one Angle drilled, I used it as a template to drill the other three. Actually, I used it to drill two of them (rights), then used one of the rights to drill the remaining lefts.

With all four angles pre-drilled, I drilled two of them to the first F-637A Seat Back Skin.

I then cut myself several pieces of .063 angle to make the F-637C Angles, and used my vixen file and some sandpaper to “radius the vertex” of two of them so that they would rest flush inside the Seat Back Skins.

With the top F-637A clamped into place, I then drilled the end holes only through the F-637B Angles and Seat Skins.

I then removed the F-637C from the seat assembly, drew a line connecting the two end holes, and marked out and drilled the holes again using a #40 in the drill press. I then clecoed the F-637C back into place (with clecoes in the end holes only) and used the Angle to drill the seven remaining holes across the top of the seat. This may seem like a lot of work, but the alignment of all my holes is perfect.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but I just had to set the seat into the fuse for a picture.