<May 1, 2010>

Seat Backs - Day 3

Back at the seats today.

I cut and drilled the section hinges for the seat brace, using one as a guide to drill the other.

With the seat back drilled, I clamped the and drilled hinge using the seat back as a guide. The plans specify a dimension from the top of the seat, but I was off maybe 1/8 so I ignored it and centered the hinge along the rivets at each end. Its a bit confusing to describe, but it made sense and worked perfectly.

Previously I had spaced out the rivets for the F-537C Angles, so I removed it from its position along the top of the seat and clamped it in place along the where the hinge will go and used it as a drilling guide for the seat.

Test fit, all is good.

With the braces now fabricated, I enlarged all the holes in both seats to #30.