<May 8, 2010>

Center Cabin Cover

Before starting anything new, I decided to spend some time cleaning up the workbench and tying up some loose ends.

The fit on the F-748 Baggage Tunnel Cover was horrible, and Ive been procrastinating on finding a fix. In the end, I enlarged the holes ever so slightly and installed it under the baggage bulkhead rather than on top. Its not perfect, but at least I could get it installed.

After drilling lines down the center of the flanges on the F-982D Heat Baffle, I clamped and drilled it to the F-782C Center Cabin Cover.

Heat Baffle deburred and riveted.

I then slid the Center Cabin Cover into position for a test fit.

I used the F-983C Fuel Valve Cover to help set the position of the Center Cabin Cover.

After my trial fit, I decided to made some 15/16 spacer blocks to help maintain the prescribed distance between the cover and the floor. I need to start work on the installation of my Andair fuel pump, so I stopped here while I investigate.

To install the F-7114 Gussets, I first chucked my hardware store bolts in my drill press and sanded them down until they slid through the spars easily.

The F-7114s were then installed and ready to drill. The marker lines are my attempt to keep the part level with the holes I needed to drill.

After studying the Andair pump drawings for a bit, I cut two pieces of 1/8 angle which will serve as braces.