<March 19-20, 2005>

SportAir Sheet Metal Workshop

I'm building an aluminum airplane right? So I figured I better learn a little something about sheet metal and riveting. It was perfect timing... right about the time I decided to build, I got notice from the EAA that a weekend of SportAir workshops were coming to an airport near me. It seemed like a good idea, and it was. The EAA (SportAir) really knows how to put on a good program. The Sheet Metal workshop was two days, and covered all the basics; Layout, drilling, deburring, and riveting. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about buidling an airplane to take these workshops. I know that they also offer an RV building class, which is very similar in content to the Sheet Metal class, but it wasn't offered at this location this weekend. Looking back on it, I can't imagine how I would have started the RV-7 without having first taken this class. I am looking forward to next March as I will take another workshop... probably wiring.

The EAA (SportAir) put on a good event. There were four or five workshops total that weekend. Because of the noise created by riveting we were in a hangar down the road, but the other workshops were all held in AirCrafter's hangar pictured here.

Our feerless instructore Jack Dueck. He really knows his stuff.

Our small individual project from day one.

My partner for the weekend, Erich, getting ready to set a rivet with the gun.

Daniel (left) and Scott (right), a father and son team now builing an RV-7A.

My finished project. Pay no attention to the big smile where the rivet gun slipped of the rivet head. ;-)

Jack showing the class the fine art of back riveting.

The finished project (day two). Not two bad for a couple of rookies.