<May 21, 2005>

Built plans Holder/Hanger

Since I still don’t have my tool order yet, I took care of a few items around the workshop today. I built a hanger for the plans with a few scraps I had lying around. I had to keep myself busy somehow… the wait (for tools) is killing me!

Before I built the plans hanger, and on my way home from the EAA 663 Saturday morning breakfast, I swung by the airport and managed to snap this picture of an RV-8 in the run-up area.

I used a 2’x4’ sheet of 1/8” fiber board ($2) cut to the width of the plans and some scrap aluminum channel as a stiffener and bracket for hanging.
I just used your standard binder clips (free... stolen from the office) to attach the plans to the board. I hope they don't fire me.
I then used some scrap trim and some $0.85 hooks from the hardware store to allow me to hang it on the wall while also making it really easy to take down for a closer look. Pretty slick huh?
There you go... a better mousetrap. In case you are wondering, the wing rib is from a Christen Eagle.