<June 18, 2005>

First Attempt at Priming

I made my first attempt at priming today, but unfortunately the results were less than desired. I started the day by cleaning the parts with dawn detergent, then etching them with Aircraft Finishing Systems (AFS) Etch/Cleaner, then spraying the AFS 1-Part Primer Sealer with a Harbor Freight HVLP Detail Spray Gun. I didn't have the comperssor/spray gun set-up right and I got a lot of water in the line (it was a humid day) which resulted in fish eyes in the primer. In addition, the gun was spraying too much primer and it went on too think and ended up looking very splattered almost textured in areas. I stopped priming after a few parts... I need to debug the system before priming again. Today was a wasted day, and now I will have to MEK the primer off the few parts I did primer... grrrrr!