<July 2, 2005>

Riveting HS Rear Spar

Ahhh... the time to rivet has finally come. But first I started the day by finishing the dimpling of the HS skins, but that only took a little while. I then started riveting the HS rear spar (doublers and spar channels) together. I found I couldn't produce the proper size shop head with the rivets called for in the plans (AN470AD4-6). Even though the instructions insist the plans are correct, I moved up to a -7 for the job. A quick search of the RV-List archives and I found out that other builders have had the same issue, and move up a size as well. The only problem is that I quickly exhausted my supply of -7s before I could finish the job. Oh well, friends are coming for dinner so I will have to stop soon anyway. I will make a run to the airport in the morning to scrounge up some more rivets.

Ready to rivet!

The pneumatic squeezer makes quick work of these rivets. The all look great, trust me.