<July 20, 2005>

Rivet the Vertical Stabilizer

Tonight I riveted the Vertical Stabilizer. Everything went pretty good with no major mistakes, and I only had to drill out one rivet. I think I am getting the hand of this riveting thing. It is really nice to be making some progress and it is amazing to see the pile of parts getting smaller. I know the rudder and elevators will take a while, but I think I need to order my wings soon. Tomorrow, the rudder!

The VS skeleton being riveted. I squeezed all but the bottom three rivets.

Skin riveting... looking good so far.

All done!

Squeezing the skin rivets along the rear spar was a little difficult because the shop heads on the stiffener always seemed to get in the way. I used the no-hole yoke in my squeezer and I managed to get 'er done.