<August 9, 2005>

Riveted the Rudder Leading Edge

I used my hands to rework the bends a little and I think I managed to get a few of the flat spots out. I had decided that I had reached the law of diminishing returns and decided it was a good as it was going to get. So drill, deburr and rivet it was.

This pretty much finishes the rudder for now, but before I start the elevators, I need to find a good out of the way place to store the VS and rudder.

I massaged these a little with my hands before clecoing. I was able to make subtle improvements in a few areas. As I stated yesterday, make sure you don't forget to use your edge-forming tool on the flat edged rudder flange before you rivet.

Mascot, Sonoma, hard at work supervising.

Here is a shot after riveting. I think it looks better than it did, and I was even able to improve it more (by hand) after this picture was taken. Good enough... next!

Nice riveted seam with no ripples. I am happy with this.

In my spare time I made the rod-end bearing installation tool from the instructions on
Sam Buchanan's web site.

It's starting to look like something! On to the elevators!