<August 24, 2005>

Ride with Dan Checkoway

I think we all know RV-7 builder, pilot and webmaster Dan Checkoway. While exchanging emails with Dan a few days ago, to my surprise and delight he said, "I'll be blasting though your way on Wednesday, want to go for a ride?" I thought about it for, oh, about .000287 seconds and fired back a hearty, "Hell yes!" After all, who am I to turn down such a gracious offer, besides I didn't want to disappoint Dan. ;-)

All kidding aside, it was a treat and an honor for me to fly with Dan... Thank you Dan!

As a builder, today was certainly motivating, and Dan sure is a nice guy. He's not some egomaniac pilot like so many of the rest of us. ;-) This was my first ride in a RV-7 (I flew a 9A at Van's) so it was a real joy to actually get to fly the airplane I am building. Dan's airplane flys great... smooth, responsive, and stable. That Aero Sport Power engine he has really hums along. I had to be the smoothest running engine I have ever heard. Dan has one nice airplane. Thanks again Dan!

OK, not RV related, but I thought this picture came out nice. I was on the observation platform waiting for Dan to arrive.

Dan turning final. I am getting excited now.

Here's the couple of the hour.

Dan's office. Nice clean layout.

Dan let me fly for a bit (thanks Dan!), and then took the controls to do a few lazy-8's. Weeeeeeee!

Do it again Dan! Do it again!

Here we are... if you couldn't tell, I am the dorky one on the left.

After overtaking a C172 on the way home (like it was flying backwards) here we are on final for 25R. This thing really chews up ground fast... I love it!

Thanks Dan!