<September 8, 2005>

Countersunk, Dimpled & Deburred the Left Elevator Skeleton

Given the problems I have been having, I decided to skip the right elevator for now and move onto the left. I still haven't decided what I am going to do with the right, but another builder is going to come by in a few days and I will make my decision then.

It was nice to be able to make some progress tonight without something going wrong. I started by countersinking the trim spar and a few other parts that needed countersinking, then I moved on to deburring and dimpling the parts. This was a little out of order form the instructions, but no worries.

Here is the Trim Spar (E-606PP) after countersinking. While doing so reasearch yesterday I came across comments from other builders who said they dimpld the outboard four holes (in the top) rather than countersinking them. Apparently it works better for the pop/blind rivets that get used in these holes.

I learned a valuable lesson tonight... double-check your parts before your set drill (countersink) to metal. I picked up the Trim Spar and just as I was about to start countersinking, when something didn't feel right. A quick check revealed that I had mislabeled the orientation of the part, and I almost countersunk the bottom rather than the top. I was fortunate to have found my error in time.

The instructions/plans call for you to countersink either the Trim Spar (E-606PP) or the Rib (E-705), but it turns out may builders just dimple these parts (supposedly Van's says it's OK too). So I did, with the flush head facing aft.

Ready for a scrub down and some primer. Thank goodness... no mistakes tonight!