<September 10, 2005>

Fabricated Right Elevator Doubler

Not too much construction today, but still a very productive day. I got up early this morning and headed to the local EAA breakfast which is held every Saturday morning. Later in the day I headed to the airport, with parts in hand, to talk over my right elevator problems with one of the local sheet metal experts. I was ready to order new parts but I wanted a second opinion (or third)... could I save the parts and make it work? During our discussion my fried Sean, a two time homebuilder (from plans), walked up and joined the discussion. The three of us put our heads together and devised a plan that included doublers, and some nuts and bolts. I won't go into the particulars right now, but after talking it over with these two very experienced builders, I feel I have a safe, sound, and workable fix. I headed home and set out to fabricate the doubler and order the necessary hardware.

I fabricated this doubler from some scrap .040 sheet. The holes sure look big, and they are, but they need to be for the screws that will go here (more later). At the recommendation of the experts, I drilled two more 1/8" holes in the spar web to rivet the doubler in place. The marks you see in the parts are where the drill rubbed off the primer. I will scuff and clean them, then touch up the primer when I shoot the left elevator parts.