<November 2, 2005>

Completed Rear Spar Riveting & Wing Jig

At least tonight was a lot less eventfull that last night. I finished riveting the rear spars (without further issue) then I turned my attention to the wing jigs (fixture). The spars are in the jig, but I am contemplating making changes to the jig... see below.

Here is what I got so far. My issue right now is with the cross-members that hold up the spars... they are wood. The plans have an example using 1"x1"x1/8" aluminum angle, and I am wondering if I should have used aluminum (or steel) instead of wood. I have seen many people use wood, but I am a little concerned about the wood warping over time and causing my wings to become out of true. The spars are just sitting there right now, so I will probably give this some thought over the next day or two.