<October 7, 2006>

Prep Right Leading Edge Parts

Today was a great day in the shop! Why so great? Cuz I got lots done, that's why! My neighbor Jeff came back over for more punishment, so I had two sets of hands working hard in the shop today. Jeff was a big help and really got me in a good place for the coming week. He deburred and dimpled the right leading edge parts while I focused on edge finishing some of the skins and working on the right W-423 joiner plate.

He's ba-ack! Jeff's a good sport, he came back to help even after I posted his mug on my web site the other day. Here he is dimpling the right leading edge ribs. What's that Jeff? You say you need help laying sod in a week or two... um... uh... I think I have plans that weekend. Just kidding, of course I will help.

Once Jeff had finished all the deburring and dimpling I did the edge finishing on the LE skin, cleaned it up, and shot the rivet lines with a little bit of self-etching primer. I am doing this simply because there were a few spots along the rivet lines that got scratched up by the ribs.

While the skin was drying I turned my attention to the W-423 splice plate. Using a sacrificial nutplate and screw I drilled all the rivet holes using the nutplate as a guide. I then countersunk, yes countersunk, the holes for oops rivets. Then is was a simple task of riveting the nutplates into place, as seen above.

I gave the splice plate a coat of primer as well. It got pretty scuffed up during construction, besides, it can't hurt, can it?