<November 11, 2006>

Top Wing Skin Riveting

After my sub-optimal back-riveting results the other day, I chatted with an experienced builder and sheet metal instructor (guess who?), he told me to scrap the back riveting and to go with the regular shoot and buck method, so that's what I decided to do. My friend Jeff came over today and we put in a good four hours on the top skins and were able to get a lot accomplished. We finished the top skins on the left and are about 60% done on the right. We were even able to clean up some of the not-so-good rivets from the other day's back-riveting, and they look almost perfect now. Way to go Jeff, thanks for the help!

Last week I bought a tungsten bucking bar from Dean at www.buckinbar.net. I was skeptical, but I had read good things. After using it on just a few rivets I am no longer skeptical. Even Jeff, who is an A&P, commented on how much he liked the bar. The mass of the bar makes setting good rivets a breeze, and its small size makes it very maneuverable. It was expensive, but I am no longer a skeptic and I now consider it money well spent. I didn't get a picture of the bar today, but you can see it on tomorrows page.

I forgot to take a picture of the left wing after we finished riveting, but here it is before we started. This picture belongs in the useless and redundant pile.

We are almost finished with the right wing. By the time we got to this wing, we were cook'n! We were averaging a rib every 7 minutes, and we weren't rushing. Good communication was the key, and the results show it.