<December 23, 2006>

Riveted Right Aileron Brackets

Today was another day of fixing old issues. A few weeks ago, I had coutersunk the wrong side of the aileron brackets, causing me to have to replace the parts. A few days ago, the weather was finally good enough to allow me to prime them, and today they were riveted into place.

For riveting the two layers of the brackets together I used the squeezer, but for riveting the bracket assembly to the spar I used the rivet gun. Overall everything went great with no major issues. I found shooting the rivets from inside the wing structure to be very easy and produced the best results (for me).

The outboard bracket installed on the wing. I didn't like the look of the bottom left rivet (in the picture) so I drilled it out and replaced it after this picture was taken.

The inboard bracket riveted into place. There are a few flush rivets used here so pay attention to the rivet callouts on the plans.

Once the brackets were installed I rivets the aileron gap seal into place.