<April 15, 2007>

Installed Wing Light & Project Tour

I had a visit from a prospective builder today. I met Ron at our local EAA chapter breakfasts and he is thinking of building an RV. He had asked me if I could give him a tour of the project and maybe show him a little bit about sheet metal work, so that is exactly what I did. It wasn't a super productive day as far as construction goes, but I am happy that I can spread the RV word a bit.

Prior to Ron arriving, I did manage to get the Duckworks light installed in the wing.

Looks good! It took a little bit of flexing, but I got the lense installed. I may trim the lense down a little more to facilitate its installation and removal but it installed for now. The light isn't hooked up or anything, I'll get around to that when I am in the wiring phase of the project.

Ron helped me move the wing back to the cradle. What am I trying to show in this picture? Absolutely nothing, I just think it looks cool!