<May 3, 2007>

Access Plates Nutplates

I was hoping the hinges I ordered from Aircraft Spruce would be delivered today so I could drill the flaps to the wings, but no hinges for me. Mr. FedEx didn't stop at my house, so I am left to find other things to do. I can't believe I am going to say this, but I am running out of things to do on the wings.

Tonight I installed the nutplates for the access plates on the right wing bottom skins using, as I always do, NA1097 rivets. I had left the nutplates off the skins to make the skins easier to rivet to the wings, but I think it was only a tiny bit easier at best.

I forgot to take the camera out to the shop tonight, but it really didn't matter as there wasn't much to take pictures of. While I was out there I did come up with an idea. From now on, every time I forget to take pictures of my progress I am going to post a random baby picture. Think of it as a new tradition. What does it have to do with building? Nothing, but that's the point.

My daddy was a dummy and forgot the camera tonight. Sometimes he isn't so smart.