<July 8, 2007>

More F-705 Stuff

I spent the yesterday working on stainging the fence and other yard related chores, so today was my airplane day. It was just another day of F-705 related tasks.

To bend the F-705Ks, I made myself a little bending brake which worked OK, not great, just OK. Using some scrap MDF, I clamped (and screwed) the F-705K Plate to the edge of my workbench.

I then clamped my back-riveting plate to the exposed portion of the F-705K and bent away. The bend line wasn't very crisp, but it will work.

Next, I drilled the F-705L Shims using the holes in the Channel as a guide.

Using the F-705L Shims, I drilled the F-705K Plates.

Good! It all fits. While it was still clecoed, I marked the ends of each piece on the channel so that I had lines to which I could align the F-705J Angles.

I removed the Plates and Shims and clamped the F-705J Angles to the Channel using some 1/8" scrap AL I had laying around. I then drilled the channel using the holes I had drilled in the F-705J Angles the other day. I then put it all back together with clecos.

Using my unibit in the drill press, I enlarged the holes in the F-705D Side Channels to 5/8" to accept a snap bushing.

I clecoed the F-705Cs inside the F-705Ds and used some double-sided tape to hold the Upper Channel to the Side Channels while I positioned and clamped the F-705Gs Angles into place. I then drilled the Angles using the Channels as a guide.

It came out OK except I have a very slight (>1/32") edge-distance infraction on the upper right hole in this picture. How did this happen? Well, I actually used my head and had considered the lateral placement of the F-705Gs before I drilled them. Unfortunately, I guess my lines were off and I offset the Angles 1/32" inboard thinking I needed to (to avoid edge-distance issues), and it backfired. If I had just aligned the flange of the Angle with the outboard edge of the Upper Channel, it would have turned out just fine. Oh well, this isn't a problem worth worrying about (IMHO).

If I had to do this again, here's what I would do. I would leave the inboard (non-tapered) end of F-705Gs a little long, say 1/16" to 1/8". I would then align the outboard (tapered) end with the outboard end of the upper channel, then drill. Once you have all the holes drilled, you could then shorten the inboard end of the F-705Gs as needed (to spec). Just a thought.

Not bad for a day's work.