<July 21, 2007>

F-706, F-707 and F-708 Bulkheads

If you recall, I had clamped the F-729 Bellcrank Rib and Angle incorrectly the other day. Here is how it should be assembled for drilling. As called for in the plans, the face of the angle is now oriented correctly.

Before I drilled the F-729B Angle, I clamped the F-730 Plate and F-729C Angle into place to ensure I wasn't going to have any edge distance issues. Everything looked great so I went ahead and drilled the F-729B Angle.

I've never understood why, on a 90-degree day, Sonoma likes to lay in the hot black mulch.

All drilled, even the 1/4" hole for the bellcrank bolt.

Before I drilled the F-729C Angle to the F-729B Angle and F-730 Plate, I square and clamped everything well.

Next, I clecoed the F-706B Bulkhead to the bellcrank assembly, and match drilled all the pieces. You'll notice that I had drilled the snap bushing holes in the F-706B, but I kinda wish I hadn't. It's no big deal, but it priobably would have been easier to drill all the pieces (layers) together at a later time.

The rest of the pieces went together and I finished any neccessary drilling, allthough I almost forgot to drill the F-728A Bellcrank Channel to the F-706A.

The F-707 and F-708 Bulkheads went quickly. I drilled the bushing holes for the rudder cables and the one hole in F-707 for the static line, but I skipped drilling any additional holes for wiring and trim lines as I can always drill those later. I also opted not to drill the #30 holes in the F-708 for securing static tubing. Again, I can alwasy do that later.