<June 8, 2008>

Drilled Rudder Pedals

The first order of business today was to fabricate two F-6117E Angles for each rudder pedal. The material for one side came with the dual brake kit, while the other angle was part of the fuselage kit.

Once I had all my F-6117C Angles cut to length, I drilled them to the F-6117A Brake Side Plates. You've got to be careful here because you need to build two lefts and two right pedals (assuming you are installing dual brakes).

Per the plans I then marked the location of the top hole 5/16" from the edge of the angle.

Clamp and drill, then repeat three times.

I then clamped and drilled the other sides, and then trimmed the excess material from the F-6117C Angles per the plans.