<April 12, 2009>

Riveted Fuel Pump Doubler

Wow, another month goes by with no progress being made. Where does the time go? A few weeks ago I decided to buy a new car (new to me), so the past few weeks my free time has been spent car shopping and more recently getting my old car cleaned up and ready for sale. If I haven't been dealing with the cars, then I've been doing yard work… if it's not one thing it's another.

With most of the car stuff behind me, I got a tiny bit of time in the shop today and managed to cross something off the to-do list by riveting the fuel pump doubler to the firewall. A while back I realized that I made the mistake of fabricating and drilling the F-601Z doubler to the firewall. I say mistake because if you are planning on using Fuel Injection as I am, this doubler isn't needed. I decided I would just install it anyway and use the bolts that would hold the pump in place to fill the holes.

With the firewall already assembled, the firewall angles prevented the firewall from sitting flat on any surface, so back-riveting was a small challenge. What I did was to buy a cement block to elevate the back-riveting plate to the height needed. This gave me a nice solid surface to rivet against and it all went together just fine.

From the other side.