<April 26, 2009>

More Priming & Prep

The last final bits of prep work were completed today and you could almost say I started assembly.

First I sprayed primer along the rivet lines on the insides of the skins.

I had noticed a few marks and scratches in the powder coating of the firewall brackets, so I roughed up those spots with some 400-grit emery cloth and gave them a quick shot of primer.

I then installed the 12 AN bolts in the F-704 called for in DWG 34 (it took me a while to find the callouts). These hold the landing gear mounts to the spar on the -A model, but for the taildragger you just fill the holes with bolts. Using a magnet I had no problem installing the bolts nuts and washers without disassembling the F-704 assembly, but I couldn't reach in to apply the torque seal (inspection lacquer) so I ended up pulling the F-704 apart in the end.

One last bit of priming. The forward side and bottom skins overlap the aft skins and since I had scuffed the rivet lines during the deburring process, I masked off and primed the forward rivet lines on the aft section.

I then clecoed the F-706 assembly back into the aft section. I was glad to get this bulkhead up off the floor and out of the way.

After dinner I went back out to the shop for a bit to try my hand at painting. I wanted to put a little paint on a few of the spots that would be difficult to paint once the fuse was assembled. Since I was looking at painting such a small area, I thought the this Preval spray gun I had laying around the shop would work, however I don't think the Preval had the power to atomize the paint as much as I needed.

I reduced the JetFlex WR with a bit (10-20%) of distilled water, I made my first attempt at spaying (a test piece) only to find that the paint went down slightly spotty and textured. I was able to smooth it out by applying addition wet coats, but when I tried this on the real parts I ended up with some runs. That's OK, this is a learning process so I'll just let it dry and then strip it off and repaint using my real paint gun.