<May 20, 2009>

Fuselage Riveting Day 3

Terry came back for more punishment, and I am happy to report that the results were near perfect.

Here's Terry concentrating on marking a rivet location.

In order to rivet several of the rivets around the rear spar bars I followed Mike Bullock's lead and disassembled my back riveting set. Before riveting, I taped a scrap piece of aluminum with smoothed edges to the skin to protect the fuselage skins from the sharp edges of the back rivet set. This worked great. The dot on the scrap is the location of the rivet Terry was marking in the picture above.

With Terry shooting and me bucking we were able to obtain exceptional results in difficult areas such as this cluster of rivets.

Look'n good from here.

There are a few rivets on the bottom, at the aft ends of the F-623 Corner Ribs that are going to be difficult to set as none of my bucking bars would fit in the space between the flanges of the ribs. I'm going to research how others are dealing with these before I attempt to rivet them.

I just like this view, that's all.

And another view showing tonight's progress. Another few sessions and this thing will be ready to flip.