<July 7, 2009>

Canopy Decks & F-757s

Tonight I worked on installing the Canopy Decks and the F-757-T Plates. The first order of business was to trim the ends of the Canopy Decks according to the plans (DWG 18). I had marked them some time ago, but just got around to trimming them now. With the Canopy Decks modified, I then drilled and shaped the F-757-Ts according to the plans. This wasn't difficult, but you do have to be careful here as there are two version of the F-757 Plates, one for the Tip-Up canopy and the other for the slider. The neat part about the work in the cabin now is that I seem to be grabbing parts from my "small" parts bin... it's good to see the pile getting smaller.

After I finished the modifications to the F-757s, I ran into a tiny problem when I went to cleco the F-721B Canopy Decks ito place. When I installed the first few forward clecoes, I noticed that the aft ends of the canopy decks were offset about 3/8" inboard. I could cleco them into place, but I had to apply pressure to get them into position. Before I move on I think I'll do a bit of reasearch to see if this is normal.

After coaxing the Canopy Decks into position, I was able to drill the required holes in the F-757-T Plates.