<November 8, 2009>

Riveted Baggage Floors

Before the floors get installed, a critical step is to torque the bolts holding the seat-belt anchors to the bulkhead spar the appropriate amount. Even though these won’t be able to be inspected once the floors are installed, I installed torque seal as an indication to myself that the bolts had been torqued.

There’s a little bit of interference with these nutplates on the F-706 bulkhead, but a quick trip to the belt sander solves that. I then shot them with a little bit primer to cover the area I had sanded.

All cleco’ed and ready to go.

I worked my way from forward to back and used some old egg-crate foam from an old dog bed and some cardboard to cover the floors while I riveted. Climbing in and out of the fuse and under the F-705F Channel was back breaking… my 6’3” body isn’t meant to bend and twist like that.

I’m really glad that’s over. Shiny!

I couldn’t resist clecoing the lower portion of the baggage bulkhead and drilling it to the F-706 bulkhead.